Our Focus-Driven

Approach Takes

us Closer

to Excellence!

We believe that the path to success is easier to pave when there is a feeling of being supported, transparency, and strong two-way communication.


The Dreamers

Our Story

Focusteck was built from the ground up by the Founder prior experience in telesales and tech.

How did it all begin?

The idea was to understand different businesses that can be digitally transformed and connect them with local talent of Pakistan. We believe in empowering people and founding members of the company are the close fellows background in Tech.
Focusteck is now a team of 50+ people globally servicing the clients in Americas, Europe and Oceania. Our belief still remains the same that every business in the market has its own exclusive tech needs that can only be met if each client is catered as a valued partner. We are operating globally from our offices in US and Pakistan.

Who do we help?
Companies that rely on technology for business growth. Our clients see us as a long-term strategic partner and tech advisor for development, DevOps, and cloud computing work.

Our philosophy
Do fair and build relations that are everlasting. Each software project we work; we treat as our own because our client’s success fuels ours.

The Value We Share


We believe in people first approach and sharing is caring. We take care of our team members as family and continue to build products that directly or indirectly solving real problems and creating opportunities of economic growth.


Integrity helps us nurture an open and positive work environment where everyone feels safe, confident and comfortable in connecting with one another, collaborating and most important of all being themselves.


We believe in collective growth and we work across different domains and projects to learn more every day. Our clients growth is directly linked to our and teams growth.


Our fulfillment lies in the work we do. We take every task or project as ours and take to the completion to feel rewarded.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Its not an individuality but people who work together towards same goals.


Greater success comes with greater responsibility. We take responsibility of the work we do and we train our team to do the same in their work.


We have an open environment inside and outside the organization. We believe an idea comes from any peer of the organization and we continue to evolve.

Hear From Our Leadership


Muhammad Adil Ali

Tech is a never ending journey and we would like to keep adding value to the evolving ecosystem. Our vision is to work as a reliable technology partner with our clients to provide software solutions that are smart, scalable and reliable.

Muhammad Adil Ali


Saad Asad
Director Of Engineering

I am up for a challenge to solve complex engineering problems and every day new challenges keep us excited to learn and improvise. We work along with our clients to engineer and maintain their products.

Saad Asad
Director Of Engineering

Hear From Our Clients


Dr. Frank Laws
Founder – Exmapp.com

They are very well-put-together and have the resources to get stuff done no matter what the issue or topic is.

Dr. Frank Laws
Founder – Exmapp.com


Rameet Kohli
Co-founder/COO – Metric.al

Always understanding of the situation, Focusteck has been above and beyond.

Rameet Kohli
Co-founder/COO – Metric.al

Our Client Testimonials