Dedicated Teams

Proven Reliable Partners To Extend Your Capabilities
By Hiring A Dedicated Development Team


Dedicated Team

Hiring A Fully-Managed, Tailor-Made Team

With an experience of over a decade, our entire dedicated team proves to be nothing but a valuable partner to ignite your business and take it in the right direction. Our custom software developers, engineers, architects, QA engineers, project managers, and testers all are there to spice up things and bring the next level of technical expertise, passion, and interest to deliver nothing but the best. The dedicated teams model is an effective way to add up top talent which is carefully chosen for you to fit your requirements while being easy on the pockets.

Focusteck takes a very integrated approach to their work. They’re a true product development team, not just an engineering shop.”

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Why Are We The Best Fit?


Quick Spin-Up, Handpicked Talent

The best part is that we quickly spin up teams by carefully handpicking the talent which is required for your business

Flexible And Scalable

Expanding or reducing a team is challenging but not anymore. We allow you the flexibility to respond to your business needs in a moment’s time thus achieving your goals faster.

Simplified Employee Administration

Employee contracts, payrolls, resources, labor costs, retention, and replacements are no more your headache-we will manage it all for you!

Cost Efficient

We provide you with the best in their fields while being easy on the pockets thus, getting the best value in your budget.

Same Time Zone

We believe in collaboration thus we work to provide you with the same work schedules thus saving time and promoting real time collaboration.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Scale up or scale down to any size according to your needs without consideration of adding or cutting down on additional space.

Build your dedicated team, our expert highly trained engineers are there to fire up your game!

Rich Communication

Transparency. Visibility. Prevention.

Our skilled engineers are experts at communicating while being transparent. Hence, you pick the best remote developers who are there to fuel up your business!


Tailor-Made Teams With Every Role Properly Covered

From a basic frontend and backend role to more specific profiles. We are flexible enough to find a team that fits your needs.

Companies usually augment their staff when they need specialized roles like:

Data Science / AI

Blockchain Developers

Javascript Developer

DevOps Developer


Get Visibility Every Step Of The Way



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Built Into Our Service To Get The Most Out Of It

Why should you hire dedicated developers?

A team of dedicated developers is the spirit of any project. They bring a lot of added advantages to your project in terms of their experience, specific special skills, tech stacks, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, lesser time consumption, improved project outcomes, and the best part is that you need not stay confined to your limited local talent, you can easily get remote developers from anywhere in the globe.

How to organize a project with a dedicated development team?

Right from the start of the contract, the team members are your employees thus directly reporting to you. You can effectively communicate with them, and evaluate their performances and the amount of work done or you can simply allocate the process of monitoring and evaluating to us. In this collaboration model, you are basically only responsible to pay for the work that is being done, the rest of the overheard charges are borne by us and are our responsibility.

For any further inquiries get in contact with our dedicated development team. 

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