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Enjoy Web Development Services By Readily Available, Dedicated Web Developers With The Right Skill Sets.

Web development services provided by Focusteck help create all types of web-based software while ensuring a top-notch experience for its web-users.


Web Development

Outsource Web Development Services & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation!

Get our experienced, elite, and result-oriented engineers plugged into your company to get amazing outputs without the hassle of hiring. We are a team of digital acceleration experts who design, build, refactor, migrate, architect, and provide ongoing business support and maintenance as a part of our custom web development services. Our web development company specializes in building CMS, SPA and custom websites, and anything in between. Our solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions brings improved scalable and competitive results while withstanding the test of time.

Our fully-managed delivery teams guarantee high-quality performance and only aim for Grade A for each custom software solution.

They think not just in terms of features, but also technology, productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Why Are Our Web Development Services The Best Pick For You?

Frontend Frameworks

We help you build an interactive, innovative, and eye-catching front end that engages your customers with the website or application effortlessly.

Complete Cycle Development

Our professionals are available for every step of the web development process, from ideation to a market-ready web solution.


Our devs have the efficiency and expertise to integrate your web app with almost anything, be it integration with corporate, third-party systems/services, or Al image processing algorithms. We ensure instant data synchronization across systems.

Robust Back-Ends

We build a reliable, secure, scalable backend that ensures a vibrant data flow and immaculate operation of all customer-facing elements.

Business Analysis

To engineer and design the scope of your solution, our expert analysts analyze the requirements of your target audience. Moreover, we aim to bridge the gap between IT teams and stakeholders while keeping all parties aligned.

Continuous Support And Evolution

Our reliable deployments and well-established DevOps processes help us keep your web-based software competitive, well-run, and compliant with your evolving business needs.

From immediate Slack responses to keeping Jira and Trello up to date, our engineers are trained to
offer constant visibility.

Clear Communication

Clarity. Visibility. Prevention.

On our hiring pipeline, we rank the way our devs handle critical situations — that is, how they determine the weight of a problem and decide which key data the client needs to know.

Finding Top-Ranked Web Developers

Academic Excellence

All our web developers are computer science graduates with average grades of B+ and high scores on the technical assessments we administer before joining our team.



Our Specific Areas of Expertise
In Web Development




Our Angular development services provide efficient cross-platform developments, robust front-end solutions, and performance along with faster and highly scalable applications.



With our React development services, build or rescale your project. Our experienced React developers have a track record in large-scale web development.



Our expert developers are highly proficient in providing Vue.js web development services which is one of the most flexible and progressive frameworks on the market




Node.js development services mean high scalability, optimized costs, and highest performance while ensuring fail-proof development for your Cloud project.



The robustness and flexibility of Php make it all the more preferable. Hire Dedicated Php Developers who know how to play the tricks



Our Phyton web development services will help you accelerate your software projects and reach your milestones at a much quicker pace.

Engagement Models


Dedicated Team

Plug in a tailored, full-skilled team in your company


IT Staff Augmentation

Get the right talent ready to be plugged-in your team!


Project Base

We help you in executing the development of your idea


Built Into Our Service To Get The Most Out Of It

How long does it take to develop a responsive website?

The duration to build a responsive website is completely dependent on your requirements. However, being in the game of web development we ensure that we meet the deadline of our clients and stay within the allocated budget; however, it definitely takes longer to build a megasite of 1000 pages in comparison to a smaller eight page brochure website.

Which size of companies do you provide web development services to?

We are not confined to any specific sort of company size thus we provide web development services to all sorts and sizes of businesses and even individuals. We make sure that we deliver the same quality and work with the same passion and vigor for our smaller clients/ growing organizations, the way we do it for our celebrities and big businesses.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Well yes, we sure can do that! We can even help you redesign some aspects of your website so that you are able to rebrand your site, increase your traffic, generate more leads, add advanced functionalities to improve the user experience etc.

Do your web development services include ongoing help with our new site once it's launched?

Well, certainly we provide web support and maintenance services if required by the client.

Will you build my website in a way that it works both on smartphones as well as on tablets?

Our expertise involves producing websites which are mobile responsive as they are an essential of today. We ensure that your website works efficiently on mobiles, tablets and otherwise as we wouldn’t want you to lose a big chunk of your audience.

Can you help me rank high in Google?

Our SEO experts know their game like the palm of their hands thus they will help you get that page one position in the Google search results which is no less than gold dust.

How much does a website cost?

Oh, the age-old question! This entirely depends on what your requirements are but be assured that we deliver nothing but the best and that too while being super easy on your pockets. How about you get in touch with our experts and get a free quote right away! 

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