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Hire QA Engineers To Make Products Efficient, Reliable And Robust!

Instead of pondering if you need a quality assurance engineer or not, consider why don’t you have one already?


Quality Assurance And Testing

Hire QA Engineers To Ensure Quality Assurance – A Vital Of Any Successful Software Development Strategy

Hire QA engineers to ensure quality Assurance through thorough testing. Do you know what custom software development companies are for? They are there to save you thousands in production fixes by catching bugs before each deployment! We have the best bunch of QA engineers who through our quality management system tests have secured buyouts, product launches, cloud migrations, and whatnot.

Increased expectations and demands of the end-user have made hiring QA engineers an essential thus making thorough QA and testing more crucial than ever. Our testing procedures are detailed which include testing of surface functions as well as the back-end operational functions. Implementation of an automated framework, allows our team to minimize the risks of application failures while giving flexibility to test the existing code on multiple browsers and operating systems, thus letting us perform a rigorous compatibility check.

Focusteck takes a very integrated approach to their work. They’re a true product development team, not just an engineering shop.

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Why We Are The Best?

Tailored To Your Needs

Understanding the culture, context and challenges of your business is our initial step, after which we prepare a dedicated engagement model for you which is adjusted to your expectations, desires, and possibilities. 

Scalable As You Go

We offer you the flexibility to expand your QA operations on demand. It can be in terms of range of skill, time size or services.

Our Expertise

We have a decade-long experience in QA and software testing to bring to the table. Our QA engineers use the latest practices, high tech and standards to help you build the high-quality software within the given timeline.


Optimized For Cost

You get the skills while not worrying about the headcount because we have got it all covered from the costs of operations related to QA engineers to all the required tools to work.


We Offer


Test Automation

  • ROI analysis
  • Framework recommendations
  • API and Visual UI testing
  • Test Execution Reports
  • E2E testing aligned with CI/CD 

Mobile Testing

  • Native and hybrid applications tests
  • iOS/Android devices lab
  • Test cases for native functions
  • Test simulators
  • Non-functional tests

Performance Testing

  • Tools recommendation
  • Full performance tests
  • Load/stress testing
  • Monitoring application’s health
  • Performance and scalability testing

Manual Testing

  • Exploratory and regression tests
  • Test case documentation
  • Non-functional tests
  • Test Execution Reports
  • Application log monitoring

Security Testing

  • Reconnaissance
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Vulnerability overview
  • GDPR penetration testing


Our Verification & Validtion Process

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The initial step of QA engineers is to define the scope and activities for software testing of your digital product.

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The final code is executed and a comparison between the actual results and expectations are done.

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IExecuting the final code to compare how the actual results fare in comparison to expectations.

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The final test report is presented giving an insight into the quality of the code

Engagement Models


Dedicated Team

Plug in a tailored, full-skilled team in your company


IT Staff Augmentation

Get the right talent ready to be plugged-in your team!


Project Base

We help you in executing the development of your idea


Built Into Our Service To Get The Most Out Of It

Does every software require testing?

Yes, this goes without saying. QA and Testing every software before its launch is paramount for its success. 

Why should I opt for Focusteck’s QA & testing services?

Our expert ruthless bug busters guarantee you quality. We are the guardians of your product who are actively engaged right from the start of the process, we involve ourselves not only in the testing but also in business analysis, security, and optimization.  

Let us know what we can test for you!

Is it possible that my software has no bugs?

The chances of your software having no bugs are highly unlikely. Why? software is made by humans who tend to make mistakes. The simplest part of a software application contains numerous working parts or units which further contain lines of complex computer code. At times the individual units do not integrate well thus leading to the creation of bugs. Hence, making QA & testing essential. 

How is QA & testing beneficial for my business?

QA & testing is essential for any project as it helps to maintain the trust of your clients, and helps you deliver efficient and high-quality products. Hire our expert QA engineers who are expert ruthless bug busters guaranteeing you quality. They are the guardians of your product who are actively engaged right from the start of the process and are involved not only in the testing but also in business analysis, security, and optimization.  

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