Helping the Health Ministries to Monitor the Virus Exposure Smartly.

Mobile and Web Applications for Health Workers to track and monitor COVID-19 cases inside the country.

About Exmapp

The Exposure Monitor App (Exmapp) is a Smartphone based Application that facilitates the case management of individuals affected by COVID-19. Exmapp does the identification/elicitation and documentation of individuals who contract COVID-19 along with their known contacts. It captures the relevant demographic data and ongoing health status changes of these individuals in almost real-time. It allows for almost real-time communication between affected individuals and the Public Health Care (PHC) team.

Engagement Model

Project Base




03.2020 – 07.2021

Patient Health Status

Contact Tracing

Real-time location
tracking in Quarantine

Symptoms Tracker

Emergency Notifications

Quarantine Meter

The Challenge

We have been reached out by the Founder during the first lockdown of COVID-19 to build a product that can help countries to track, monitor, and manage COVID-19 patients inside homes during quarantine. The founder wants to release the product in 8 weeks and a mass rollout in Caribbean countries.


Build an application for both iOS and Android for patients. A web application for Health Workers and Health ministry.

Team Formation

We have designed a team of 2 Senior Mobile Developers, 2 Senior Full Stack Developers, 1 QA Engineer, a Cloud Expert, and a Technical PM.

Our Partnership

We have worked closely with Founder and his team during the period of development, deployments, and training to achieve successful onboarding to Health ministries, Public App rollout.

Technology Choice

Swift – Kotlin – Angular – Node.js – PostgreSQL – AWS

Case management of individuals affected by COVID-19

The Focusteck Hand-picked Professionals
Who Overcome the challenges

What Exmapp Achieved

We have successfully delivered a beta in 8 weeks and pilot launches with Caribbean Countries Ministries of health. The mobile application was white labeled and rolled out in different countries and implemented the health worker portal. We have also conducted training for staff to use the portal. This product has saved these countries from mass exposure to viruses and they were able to open their borders for tourism sooner than countries that do not have such product in place.


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