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Ideawake is a Milwaukee-based firm, partnering with brands to accelerate innovation in 39 countries and 185 cities. Ideawake provides an easy to use innovation platform combined with programs, services, and expertise that supports your innovation program from idea collection to measured results.

Engagement Model

Dedicated Team


Innovation Software


04.2021 – Present

Ideate & Collaborate

Evaluate & Refine

Prioritize & Implement

The Challenge

We have connected with Ideawake to take a handoff from the founding team that have worked over 4 years on the product. This transition was to refactor the codebase, build new features and provide transparency of the resources across the board.


Build a reliable team who understands the product domain, write quality code and refactor the previous code in parallel. QA engineers to perform smoke, sanity, regression and integration testing. DevOps to optimize and manage the cloud infrastructure.

Enabling a Culture of Innovation Today

The Focusteck Hand-picked
Professionals Who Joined Ideawake’s Team
Under a Dedicated Team Model


Team Formation

We have designed a team of 5 Senior Full Stack Engineers, 2 QA Engineers, Cloud Expert and a Technical PM.

Our Partnership

We have build an understanding of the product domain, culture and working for same goals across the board.

Technology Choice

Angular – Nest.js – PostgreSQL – AWS

What ideawake

We have successfully build a team that has domain knowledge, right skillset for the job. They have delivered 20+ sprints of new features so far and improved the application security, performance and reliability. Since its an ongoing engagement, we have areas identified to improve and build features that are exciting for our partner and their customers.


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