How Shopify Can Transform Your Ecommerce Business

How Shopify Can Transform Your Ecommerce Business


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Shopify is different; it’s not like selling at the traditional marketplaces where you are in a constant battle to get the eyes on you! Rather Shopify development services allow you to build your own branded website. Its numerous useful tools and services make it greatly appreciated by highly successful Ecommerce companies. Shopify development services have powered more than 1.7 million businesses today. 2020 being the biggest boom year for Shopify development companies. The revenues generated through Shopify development services in that year were record breaking and there has been nothing stopping it till date.

Now comes the real question, how can Shopify help your business to become the next big thing. As a web development company, we have listed down a few things for you  to have a better understanding of how to get successful at Shopify. 

How can Shopify make your business successful ?

Shopify is hands down the best overall e-commerce software not just for the big but also for the small emerging businesses. Our experts have chosen Shopify for numerous e-commerce software solutions. Shopify development company helps you with almost everything to optimize your e-commerce business. You can rely on them from launching, to running and managing a successful e-commerce business.

Bring diversity to your tables with Shopify development services. They enable you to expand your e-commerce presence, get individuality and freedom. Making it quite different from the experience of selling on regular marketplaces. Many brands have experienced a hike in their revenues and brand value by a mere addition of Shopify in their current sales channels.

Building your brand identity is difficult on traditional marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. No doubt there is a huge influx of customers on these sites, but the struggle of getting the eyes of the customers on your specific brand is an ordeal. There are millions of sellers who you are competing with on a daily basis on such marketplaces. Thus, you can say that building your own brand identity is pretty much tough there. Whereas, on the other hand Shopify lets you build your own customized website. Through which you can have direct communication with your customers. 

Shopify theme Development and customization gives you the opportunity to create attention-grabbing landing pages. A theme serves as the backbone of any brand thus it is important that it is customized in a way that fits the brand identity and is responsive at its best. Shopify theme developers offer numerous customization services including UX/UI theme design, Shopify theme modification, etc.

Benefits Shopify Development Services can bring to your business

With Shopify development services you can enjoy a plethora of useful tools and services.

Shopify SEO Service:

Shopify developers are experts at providing multiple development solutions including SEO and marketing services. SEO helps in getting organic traffic and increasing conversion rates. It acts as a catalyst to optimize the online store within itself.

Shopify Integration

It is very vital to integrate various applications to extend the functionality of your eCommerce store. Shopify caters well to this need of businesses. Shopify developers integrate payment gateway, shopping cart, APIs, and other third-party applications with your online store. Moreover, features such as Shopify email, lets businesses send reengagement emails to its clients such as welcome, feedback etc. emails. Such integrations with big platforms such as Instagram or Facebook makes the user experience all the more seamless. 

Shopify Setup and Product Import Functionality

Shopify lets you integrate with almost anything! Be it integration with the shopping cart, APIs, payment gateway or any other third-party application-it can be done for you. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Shopify enhances the functionality of your eCommerce store through integration with various applications.

Payment support

Numerous payment options are supported by Shopify. Shopify also has its own payment gateway known as Shopify Payments.

Customization and flexibility in designing

Shopify lets you customize your store just the way you like it! You can create your ideal Shopify store with any theme that you think would make it easier for your consumers. The best part is that you can also avail its free logo maker app.

Tools for sales and growth

Shopify offers various sales and growth tools. Shopify’s great inventory system along with its other apps such as abandoned cart recovery app makes the process of building your ecommerce operations a breeze. Thus, giving you the opportunity to give your full attention to making your brand attractive and powerful!

How Shopify works?

Let’s clear a misconception, you need not exit other marketplaces after you build a Shopify store.

In ideal situations, Shopify is an addition to your existing sales channels. Once you are confident that you have created a good user base on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay then you may shift to a Shopify model.

Given the advantages of Shopify which includes complete overall ownership of your own brand, building your own website, controlling your own marketing plan etc. you need not be at mercy of stringent rules and penalties of other marketplaces. Once you have Shopify, you are free from the dangers of selling at the market places. Which include reputation damaging reviews, fake price ceilings, imitating sellers etc.

Shopify lets you be the boss of every element of your business. This may increase your workload but it allows you to safeguard the hard-earned business reputation. So what’s the wait about getting started with Shopify and begin your ride to e-commerce independence with Shopify development services.


Shopify is not just a store; it’s the core of your business. A plan from a web development company, will include each and everything which you require  to materialize your idea.  They make sure all the features work seamlessly. Be it marketing tools, SEO optimization tools, design templates, payment gateways with one-click purchases on Shopify, conversion-optimization checkouts etc. they cater to everything. It also offers numerous customization services including extensive APIs and tools. 

Ever-evolving and variety of products and services on Shopify.

Shopify understands the evolving needs of your business as you grow. To help you reach your full potential, Shopify offers additional products and services. These products and services give you an edge over the other traditional businesses. Thus, helping you flourish and grow!

Diversity of Apps and features to customize your store

Shopify’s own App store is loaded with a huge collection of apps and features. All of those are built by trusted developers and are readily available to customize your store. The best part is that it does not even require touching the code!

Users have access to a variety of services that they want including integration of their CMS websites with numerous other marketing channels or adopting marketing strategies such as posting promotional ads of your business on different forums of social media. 

Tips to help you succeed in the Shopify business!

Getting started with Shopify is no big deal. You can start selling through Shopify in a very easy few steps. But the question is how can you succeed in it. Let’s have a quick look at some tips that you should consider while growing your brand and your store.

The theme is extremely important. A theme serves as the backbone of any brand thus it is important that it is customized in a way that fits the brand identity and is responsive at its best. Moreover, brand consistency should also be taken care of. It should be consistent across all channels to ensure sustained growth of the business.

SEO has an important role to play here. Make sure that the listing of your product is appropriately optimized for search engines. With Shopify stores, SEO has a vital role to play since you don’t have the advantage of being on the search tools of other market places.

Develop a strong marketing plan. Marketing has a very strong role to play in the success of your business. So either outsource it to a Shopify development company or spend sufficiently ample time on it.

What is the success rate of a  Shopify store?

Here’s the good news! Your chances of being successful on Shopify are high. Having a look at some of the stats related to Shopify, we can safely say that Shopify has gone through a record growth over the past couple of years. Well, no doubt we cannot call it one of the biggest in terms of market share but it sure is a promising one.

The stats of quantity of merchants, gross merchandise volume, number of online buyers all are on the increasing side. One can safely say that Shopify has easily left many celebrated e-commerce platforms behind. After many successful big names and brands have powered their websites with Shopify, it is on top of the list when choosing to partner with for building an online store


Hence to conclude, Shopify is a transformative platform which has a global reach. It lets you diversify, build a powerful brand value and even a stronger customer base. Relying on one sales channel exposes your business to numerous risks and hinder your growth as well. The addition of a Shopify store to ecommerce businesses of all sizes can be a real game changer.

In order to get more insight of how Shopify can benefit ecommerce business or to get started with this highly scalable, customizable, powerful platform, contact us! Experts of this innovative ecommerce solution at our web development company will help you take your business to the new heights!

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