Freelancer vs Web Development Company

Freelancer vs Web Development Company: What to choose?

Freelancer vs Web Development Company: What to choose?

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Hiring a developer to materialize your dream of making an amazing new website can be daunting. Especially when you have to sift through the available options to choose the best one. It’s true that there is no universal rule to decide whether one should hire freelance developers or a web development company!  But, choosing between hiring freelance developers or a web development company is crucial.

Let’s first develop an understanding of how a web development company and a freelancer work. Followed by the advantages and disadvantages of hiring both. The pros and cons will help you make the best decision as per the needs of your business.

Hiring Freelance Developers vs Web Development Company – whom to approach?

Either hire freelance developers or web development companies, both no doubt can complete your project from scratch. However, choosing between them is crucial as your decision can profoundly reshape the final product for better or for worse. The experience of getting web development services from a web development company is quite different as compared to hiring a freelance developer. Thus, here it is imperative that one develops an understanding of the nature of the work. Also, weigh the pros and cons to make a wise decision.

What does a Web Development Company offer?

Well, they offer almost everything!

Building a website is a tedious process consisting of several important stages. Make your life easy by hiring a web development company and get all your work done under one roof along with some added advantages:

  • Consultation
  • Better legal grounds for contracts
  • Resource backup and pool
  • Deployments and migration support
  • Fixed working hours and HR support
  • Culture fit and client success
  • Growth and scalability options
  • Risk management
  • Reliability, security, ownership
  • Efficiency in observing ethics, procedure, and work processes.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the team of a web development company comprises all sorts of professionals; be it hiring a software developer, testers, content designers, analysts, managers-they have it all! In case, there is a talent gap then they can always fulfill it through IT staff augmentation which allows them to add on the required talent on-demand basis.

What to expect from a freelance developer?

A freelancer is an independent contractor who comes with a certain degree of risk attached. It’s important that before you hire a freelance developer you do a thorough check to ensure that the interested candidate is a reliable professional!

Things to look forward to when hiring a freelance developer include

Advantage of flexible timing especially since the client and developer are situated in different time zones.

  • They may not cost you an arm and a leg. They are most cost-effective in the short term and give you all the demand specifications of the project ready.
  • Their expertise lies in specific skills. In case of complex tasks, you may have to hire multiple web developers. So in order, to get a single task done you need to put in a lot of effort as compared to working with one single web developer company. 
  • As compared to web development companies you may not enjoy the privilege of additional services.

Whom to Recruit- a quick comparison between hiring Freelance Developers & a Web Development Company

The decision of getting web development services from a web development company or hiring a freelance developer sounds inconsequential. But its significance and effect on the success or failure of the product cannot be overstated. Let’s quickly draw a comparison between the two.

ParametersFreelancersWeb Development Company
Development & testing of softwareA continuous reiteration process.A linear-sequential model following a top-down approach
FlexibilityA highly flexible way to build softwareNo flexibility. A structured, rigid way to build software 
CollaborationSupports and promotes high collaboration among project teams and clients.Little to no collaboration is present in this model.
Project sizeBeneficial for larger projectsBetter suited for smaller projects
ProcessThe project is divided into several sprintsThe project is divided into phases
Process of software developmentIt is an assemblage of many different projectsSoftware development is done as a single deliverable in the form of a final product.
Customer SatisfactionHighly satisfied customers as they are well-informed at every step.Customer dissatisfaction may arise as they only get the final product. They are not involved during the process.
TestingContinuous and repeated testing is done.Testing is done only after the build phase is completed
Changes/ModificationsChanges can be easily doneChanges can be difficult and costly


In conclusion, it is advisable that before rolling the dice, the pros and cons of both are weighed so that an informed decision is made. As final thoughts, keeping the above stated in mind, our votes are definitely for the web development company.

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