Why is Quality Assurance So Important in Software Development

Why is Quality Assurance So Important in Software Development

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Rather than thinking if you need to hire QA engineers for your project or not! You should be worried why you don’t have one already!  In software development, Quality Assurance has a vital role to play as it determines the success of your product. Increased expectations and demands of the end-user have made hiring QA engineers an essential. Thus making thorough Quality Assurance and testing more crucial than ever. Quality Assurance procedures and activities are there to save you thousands in production fixes by catching bugs before each deployment!

Through this article you will learn the importance of Quality Assurance in software development. This article also highlights the problems that may arise in the absence of Quality Assurance. 

Quality Assurance is the key to success of a software. It’s a process adopted by software development companies to deliver high-quality products to its clients. The Quality Assurance process helps agencies to identify bugs and fix them in the software. QA in software development guarantees that the product delivered to the consumer is reliable, top-quality and sustainable.

Benefits of Quality Assurance in Software Development

Quality Assurance is a well-planned process followed by QA engineers. It is essential to give a structure to the developmental process of a software. Let’s delve into the benefits that you can enjoy by hiring QA engineers.

Consumer satisfaction

Achieving 100% consumer satisfaction is the goal of every company. A well-defined QA program helps you achieve just that. Through Quality Assurance, companies ensure that the deliverables to the consumers are bug-free and reliable. Early testing of the product helps QA engineers identify defects in the product in the developmental stage. Thus, the final product is guaranteed to be top-notch and maintainable.

Minimized defects are the fall outs of Quality Assurance

Companies hire QA engineers to enhance the quality of their products. Quality assurance helps you test the functionality and compatibility of the product at every stage. Regular testing helps you identify problems at the early stages. Thus, avoiding the need of rework and ensuring a smooth developmental process.

Due to recurring testing, bugs are identified fasters and a defect-free product is produced. Before delivering the final product, QA engineers follow best practices to test what is working and what is not working. 

Delivering quality products in the promised time

QA engineers follow a structured QA program. This helps QA engineers to assign work to the team members. Thus, delivering an error-free software system on the promised time.

Strict compliance with company’s policies to ensure quality assurance

With QA testing you can be confident that the final product is of top quality. It’s essential for QA engineers to follow strict compliance to company’s process and procedures to ensure QA. Moreover, QA is also important as it ensures that the product is compliant with all legal requirements. It is in place to minimize any fraudulent activity and decrease all possible risks. Different testing such as the penetration test is performed for security vulnerability assessments both internally and externally by the companies.

Eliminates the need for rework

A well-planned and structured QA process allows the companies to identify defects at an early stage. This helps the companies to fix technical issues in the production/developmental phase. Thus, eliminating the need for rework once the product is ready to be launched. This also helps the software development companies to deliver the products according to the deadlines.  

QA exposes weaknesses in procedures 

Another advantage of QA is that it can be used to test the quality of services given by an organization. Through QA, a software company can check if their product during development is tested successfully or not. Moreover, QA services from any third party can be hired to counter check the product for any weaknesses. They can also assure if proper procedure and processes were followed during development of the product or not.

Quality Assurance guarantees strict compliance with cybersecurity policies.

The consumer of today is very well-informed. They are concerned about the security of their personal information. Through hiring QA engineers, this leading concern of cyber security can be addressed. The QA engineers thoroughly test the product to ensure that it is secure. The product is tested to be in compliance with security policies. A strict QA process helps to ensure that data and software are highly secure and protected from all sorts of harm. Also, this QA process guides the employees to follow the mentioned set of procedures to ensure clients’ data safety.

Quality Assurance can help gauge the quality of services

Through QA, companies not only gauge the type but also the quality of services provided by a company. Moreover, rigorous testing of a company’s product by a third party may reveal better and improved ways for current services.

Quality Assurance helps you stay within the budget

Quality Assurance performed at every step of development saves you thousands, which can be spent after the launch. In case, any bug is detected after the development phase, you will have to start again from square one. Here, regular QA testing ensures that the bugs are detected at early stages thus saving the rework.  

Absence of a well-defined QA process can get you into trouble.

By now, you are well aware of the benefits that you can enjoy by hiring QA engineers. Now, let’s have a look at what can happen in the absence of them. There are two risks which may arise due to absence of QA activities. The first is the software development risk and the other is the business development risk. To sum up without well-planned QA procedures, you will:

  • Not be able to detect bugs and errors in your software
  • Be prone to cybersecurity issues
  • Face problems of systems collapsing and not behaving accordingly
  • Lack in Performance as it will not be up-to-mark
  • Not be ready for the market on time
  • Face financial losses
  • Lose your company’s reputation in the market
  • Lose the confidence of your users in you


To wrap it up, the only suggestion we have is for you to hire QA engineers for successful launch of your products. QA is essential as it certifies that the finished product is meeting expectations of the clients and is foolproof in every way.

Every software development company gains the confidence of its customers by complying with strict QA policies and procedures. Through different QA procedures, the agencies test the product for usability, compatibility and functionality. Thus, ensuring it to be bug-free before its launch.

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